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PromoTurismoFVG is the DMO of Friuli Venezia Giulia, which has its objectives of planning and promoting the offer through specific tourism products, including MICE.It is the ideal contact for those who want to organize an event in an unspoilt territory, rich in evocative sites, suitable for guests eager for unique emotions, offers that extra touch of originality that guarantees success. Professionalism, innovative structures, including the new Trieste Convention Centre with its large auditorium of 1.856 seats, and a multitude of scenarios combined with a calendar of cultural, musical and food & wine events ensure at all times of the year unmissable atmospheres and emotions.

Our services

  • Catering
  • Pco
  • Dmc
  • Hostess
  • Technical and audiovisual services
  • Communication agencies
  • Transport
  • Wedding planner

Destination Friuli Venezia Giulia

Friuli Venezia Giulia is rich in history and culture, cosmopolitan and multi-ethnic in the heart of Europe, easy to reach by any means. It is a land that also preserves precious historical traces: Roman, Lombard, Medieval, Venetian and Habsburg. And clear influences of neighbouring peoples.                 

A UNIQUE MIX OF QUALITY AND ORIGINALITY In Friuli Venezia Giulia quality, professionalism, innovative infrastructure and comfort will characterize your events. But not only that, because every moment dedicated to relaxation, even if brief, will acquire a special nuance thanks to the whole context of the region.

EVERYTHING AT YOUR FINGERTIPS For your meetings, whether you choose a castle overlooking the sea, a convention center in the heart of the city, or a hotel immersed in the mountain air, the internal connections are all quick and simple. And, for leisure, the discovery is always around the corner: among countless pearls of art, natural corners of intact beauty, scents and flavors of which the ham of San Daniele and the wines of the Friuli vineyard are only the most well-known ambassadors.  

A STATE-OF-THE-ART TERRITORY Friuli Venezia Giulia is distinguished internationally by a technologically advanced industrial economic system and for the scientific hub, which finds university research an inexhaustible boost. Small meetings of success can also be hosted in the typical wineries and farms, accompanied by tastings and visits that evoke traditions and scents of the past.                 

THOUSAND OPPORTUNITY FOR RECREATION AND FUN A calendar of cultural and food and wine events, dense in every season of the year, along with many opportunities related to wellness, sports, shopping and fun.

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Why Friuli Venezia Giulia


    At the heart of Europe, original and complete destination easily accessible


    Crossroads and multicultural territory


     Safe, sustainable and innovative 


    Perfect mix of nature, culture and food and wine that can satisfy the tastes of all travellers in all seasons


    High level of professionalism to guarantee services

Our numbers

  • 116
    Hotels 4-5*
  • 5965
    Total rooms
  • 9
    Congress and exhibition centers
"Friuli is a small compendium of the universe, flat and lagoon pastures in sixty miles from tramontana to noon"
Ippolito Nievo
Friuli Venezia Giulia - Get into everything



Signature activities

  • Coffee Experience

    A fascinating tour where was born the cosmopolitan soul of the city: here James Joyce, Italo Svevo, Umberto Saba, in the past talked about culture and politics, nowadays you can breathe a very special atmosphere. The first coffee shops were opened into the city of Trieste, in the second half of the eighteenth century, probably following of many trendy Venetian clubs, but they immediately hired an unmistakable viennese character.

    Historical roots who join in with a tradition and an important element of the city culture, giving rise at priceless wealth of knowledge, specializations and above all passion: for Trieste and for citizens, coffee is a real soul place. A tour into the historical coffee bars of Trieste, to discover the city and the original ways and rules to take a coffee, or follow a course to learn how to do a perfect “espresso” or “cappuccino”!

  • FVG by bike

    Slow tours through villages and vineyards, for families and for authentic flavours lovers, rises and slopes into the nature with mountain bike, for bike lovers the streets and the mountains of “Giro d’Italia” stages, and at last the “Alpe Adria” bike route, one of the most panoramic and awarded bike track of Europe: Friuli Venezia Giulia the ideal place for cyclists!

    Routes across the region, from North to South, that leads to discover charming landscapes, traditions and typical flavours to live unique and emotional experiences. A complete regenerating immersion in nature!

  • Discover the Lagoon and typical "Casoni" (Fishermen's huts)

    The Lagoon of Grado and Marano extending for 16.000 hectares enclosed on the river’s mouth of Isonzo and Tagliamento. The landscape change colour and shape with every tide, and host a series of islands and islets, many kind of fauna, sandy banks, canals and submerged bottoms. The Natural Reserve of “Foci dello Stella” (Reserve of the Mouths of the Stella River) is situated into the Marano Lagoon, with unique fishermen’s lodgings, the typical “casoni”, built with cane and wood. Have you ever seen fishing scale? The particular platform with a big electric fishing (25 mt x 25 mt) net named “Bilancia di Bepi” works into the beautiful context of Palazzolo dello Stella. We suggest you to rent kayak or canoe, and with a guide discover this enchanting natural area.

Event venues

  • Area science park

    • 15 Meeting rooms
    • 500 Total capacity
    • 99 Main room max. Capacity
  • Centro congressi della Stazione Marittima

    • 8 Meeting rooms
    • 1200 Total capacity
    • 550 Main room max. Capacity
  • Centro congressi Udine Fiere

    • 5 Meeting rooms
    • 1100 Total capacity
  • Congress Bella Italia & EFA Village

    • 12 Meeting rooms
    • 2400 Total capacity
    • 700 Main room max. Capacity
  • Kursaal Centro Congressi

    • 1 Meeting room
    • 500 Total capacity
    • 500 Main room max. Capacity
  • Centro Congressi Pordenone Fiere

    • 5 Meeting rooms and pavillion
    • 3000 Total capacity
  • Trieste Convention Center

    • 6 Meeting rooms
    • 2714 Total capacity
    • 1856 Main room max. Capacity
  • Dacia Arena Meeting Center

    • 6 Meeting rooms
    • 976 Total capacity
    • 274 Main room max. Capacity
  • Portopiccolo

    • 3 Meeting rooms
    • 574 Total capacity
    • 350 Main room max. Capacity


  • Main Airports

    • Ronchi dei Legionari - Trieste Airport (TRS)
    • Venezia Marco Polo Airport  (VCE)
    • Ljubljana Airport (LJU)
  • Train stations

    • Stazione Ferroviaria di Trieste Centrale

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