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Strategy workshops in wood-panelled parlours, board meetings in medieval fortresses and team building events in climbing gardens – followed by aperitifs, evening walks or after-work yoga.

We mean getting away from those endless Zoom calls and venturing out into nature to enjoy life, exercise and practice a bit of self-care.

Our services

  • Our free service includes helping you put together the perfect programme and we’ll happily suggest sustainable options and ideal travel dates
  • We’ll organise FAM trips, site visits and B2B workshops for you
  • Whether you’re organising an event for a small team or 100 people, we’ll suggest suitable event locations and accommodation providers. We’re also more than happy to put you in contact with larger venues
  • Planning a particularly special experience? We’re full of tips – from active to zen, to culture and cuisine
  • We’ll only connect you with carefully selected local service providers

This is Südtirol

South Tyrol. Featuring the unique beauty of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this is an eye-catching landscape steeped in legend and shaped by the contrast between Alpine-peak formations and Mediterranean wine country. South Tyrolean specialities like apples, wine and smoked ham are produced here. These especially high-quality products result from the mild climate, with over 300 days of sunshine per year, and from the farmers, with years of experience at their disposal. South Tyrol. This is the most coveted place to live in all of Europe where, in addition to traditional ties, a sense of innovation and design is palpable. After all, the people of South Tyrol and their culture make the difference. It is the meeting place of the Italian, German and Ladin languages. It is a mixture of southern ease and rural sense of tradition. The influences of true South Tyrolean personalities and luminaries have combined to mould this province.

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Why Südtirol


    Featuring the unique beauty of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this is an eye-catching landscape steeped in legend and shaped by the contrast between Alpine-peak formations and Mediterranean wine country


    People and a unique history are what make South Tyrol what it is. Italian, German, and Ladin are spoken here. The Italian way of life melds with rural self assurance


    Unique, born from the perfect combination of traditional recipes, influences of Mediterranean and international cuisine. The variety of the gastronomic offer is also reflected in the dedicated places: mountain huts with tasty dishes but also starred restaurants with haute cuisine dishes

  • MICE

    Make South Tyrol the inspirational setting for your next offsite meeting, incentive or event. In true South Tyrolean style, your team will experience our commitment to sustainability, quality and authenticity as well as those unexpected surprises that will become memories to treasure

Our numbers

  • 11.144
  • 234.420
  • 1.500
    Capacity congress centers (Bolzano, Merano and Bressanone)

Signature activities

  • Mind and body in harmony

    We believe that we can only be creative, innovative and sustainable when all our team members are happy, healthy, and in tune with themselves. 

    What do we mean by this? We mean that after an intensive BarCamp, before a lively team building event or during a well-earned incentive trip to celebrate the success of a major project, your team members need time. Time for the gentle asanas of morning yoga in the mountains, for the new sensory experiences of forest bathing. For motivating discussions on mindfulness and empowerment and for restorative meditation in the spring sunlight amidst crocus-filled meadows.

  • Business - South Tyrolean-style

    We South Tyroleans love to work, and we work a lot. We value teamwork and clever efficiency. Our innovative minds and companies – in sectors ranging from agriculture to solar technology – export their expertise across the world. 

    But we know when it’s time to stop and take a long lunch break with our business partners in a local organic bistro. Or enjoy a chic after-work aperitif with colleagues in the warm evening sunshine. Or even take our racing bike for a leisurely afternoon ride once the final online call is done. This is how we do business in South Tyrol.

  • Feel nature, experience culture: a new kind of team building

    The success of South Tyrol is testament to our belief in team building. Without working together to lug heavy tools and materials up the mountains, we wouldn’t have built our summit crosses. If we didn’t band together every September, our grapes would remain unharvested on the vines.

    We draw strength from the landscape that surrounds us, the same landscape which inspires our MICE offering. And you can too. Take an e-bike tour to your next management meeting in a mountain refuge, host strategy talks in a mediaeval monastery before challenging yourself by orienteering in the woods, or tackle a via ferrata climbing route before you pitch your product at a luxury hotel.


  • Main Airports

    • Airport Bolzano "Dolomiti/Dolomiten" (BZO)
    • Airport Verona "Valerio Catullo" (VRN)
  • Train stations

    • Bolzano train station

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