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About us

AIM Group International is a global, multi-service company

The everchanging group
We keep changing to stay true to ourselves. 
For over 60 years.

Let’s together
To inspire and be inspired, to move and be moved.
That’s what matters. 

Sparking meaningful connections
Meaningful connections spark from meaningful experiences.
That’s what we build. 
Let’s do it together. 

Meet, Engage, Think
Design thinking has creative power.
Events, Communication, Consultancy: Three talented teams that interact and work together to design experiences, ideas and solutions. 

Let’s Meet together
Events: knowledge through experience.
Know-how, technology and creativity come together to build engaging experiences and to promote sharing and change.
Channels, formats and touchpoints, whether live, digital or hybrid are explored to create “augmented events” that last in time. 

Let’s Engage together
Communication: Learning to listen, deciding to share.
We strike up constructive communications within communities that everyone can relate to. 
Improving relations between brands, organizations and people is what inspires our teams to develop strong ideas.

Let’s think together 
Consultancy: the power to imagine the present. 
We support companies and associations to grow and change. 
The integration of different areas of expertise allows us to get the best out of processes, technologies and company culture.

Why choose us


    In-depth know-how and expertise: +60 years’ experience


    A wide International Network with 14 offices in 9 countries and long-standing connections with many other destinations and local providers 


    Strong negotiation power, thanks to the volume of business we generate


    Dedicated expert and multi-talented teams which work as clients’ representatives on the field

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Our services

  • DMC Services & Incentives
  • Professional Congress Organiser
  • Virtual, Digital & Hybrid Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Branding & Digital Communication
  • Social Media & Community Engagement
  • Website Design & Video Production
  • ADV & Graphic Design 

Our numbers

  • 300
    Talented people
  • 62+
    Years of experience
  • 400+
  • 2.500+
    Live, digital & hybrid projects last year
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